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Located in East London

Welcome to AV8 Helicopters We simply love to fly choppers, which is why we are in the aviation business, providing chartered heli flights as well as flight instruction. Our office and accredited helicopter flight training school is based at East London Airport in the Eastern Cape. All our pilots and instructors are experienced, with suitable commercial qualifictions. We pride ourselves on meeting all of our clients needs, and fly 365 days a year whenever it suits you We also are confident that you will find our rates market-related and cost-effective. Air Services In addition to private charters, Wild Coast flights and flying lessons, AV8 Helicopters is licensed, experienced and equipped to perform the following air services Advertising operations (e.g. banner flying) Aerial patrol, air observation and aerial survey work Agricultural spraying, seeding and crop dusting Emergency air rescue, medivac & medical services (including the provision of casualty equipment and medical personnel) Fire spotting, fire control and fire fighting Game and livestock selection, culling, counting and herding Undersling and winching hoisting operations Have a look at our services section for more details on what we offer.

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Av8 Helicopters East London Airport