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Located on the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape, Dwesa – Cwebe combines the appeal of a lush costal forest with rolling open grasslands and a series of rivers and streams meandering through these diverse landscapes. Home to a recorded 290 birding species soaring above the 39 000ha’s of the Dwesa and Cwebe Nature Reserves divided in two by the Mbashe River.
Activity Permits

Activity permits are temporary form of permission giving private operators approval to host lawful activities within the protected area/ nature reserves.

These activities range from lifestyle events such as weddings, music festivals to adventure and nature based activities such as trail running, cycling, horse riding, canoeing etc. For more information, and to apply for an activity permit, please contact Ms Siyasanga Mabuyane or Mr Bulelani Silangwe at Siyasanga.mabuyane@ecpta.co.za or bulelani.silangwe@ecpta.co.za

Please be advised that an approved activity permit can only be used once for the event/activity applied for.

General Information

Off-Peak Rate
2 Sleeper Chalets - R476 per night
4 Sleeper Chalets - R919 per night
Dwesa Campsite - R344 per night
2 Sleeper Chalets - R519 per night
4 Sleeper Chalets - R963 per night
Dwesa Campsite - R374 per night
Forest House (peak)
1 to 2 people: R741 | 3 to 4 people: R1449
Forest House (off peak)
Base rate: 1 to 2 people: R741 | 3 to 4 people: R1338


  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Bird watching
  • Fishing (catch & release - only keep one fish per day - not leave with it)
  • Camping
  • Caravanning
  • Guided and non-guided game viewing (only designated private tour guide)
  • Forest walks
  • Cycling
  • Explore:
    - O’Bell Shipwreck site (1916)
    - mbashe river Estuary (fish breeding site)
    - Kobolo Viewpoint
    - game viewing (crocodiles may be seen)
    - Dwesa Point
    - game viewing
    - Magonya Hills
    - whale and dolphin viewing
    - Mendu point
    - whale and dolphin lookout
    - Mbanyana Falls (Cwebe)
    - Coastal indigenous forest

Nearby Attractions

  • Nqabara river mouth with boat launching site

Contact Info

Reserve Number
0872866536 or 0636417273
Reserve Manager
+27 (0)43 492 0881
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