Morn Kretschmann Art Gallery

Located in Port Elizabeth

We are situation on the corner of William Moffet and Cape Road, Port Elizabeth. Morn Kretschmann Art Gallery is the biggest of its kind in Port Elizabeth, offering works of more than 80 of South Africas leading artists, including decorative and fine arts as well as highly important South African paintings. This sets us apart in the investment market as all the artists we carry have made name for themselves nationally and some internationally. We have works of the following artists Gregoire Boonzaier Chris Tugwell Margaret Gradwell Frans Claerhout Conrad Theys Philip Britz Christiaan Nice Adriaan Boshoff Carla Bosch Carl Bchner Errol Boyley Munro Corn Weidemann Gabriel de Jong Johnnie de Kock Thinus de Jong David Lindsay Amos Langdown Pierneef and many more…. Investing an inspiration The art market in South Africa grew substantially since the early 90s. The country wide interest in art lead to art becoming a favorable commodity amongst investors. Due to the limited amount of master painters in South Africa and the difference in value of our art and those of overseas artists, SA art appreciated at 20 annually during the 90s and more than 60 annually since 2000. Projections are that this trend will be sustained over the next couple of years due to the following factors Historical value, Low price investment, Demand for good art, Safe investment,International interest, World trade possibilities, Personal enrichment Banking on young talent- Limited cash can sometimes be your best friend in the art world, because you have less money you may take more of a chance and buy something just because it catches your eye and you can afford it. There is no science to knowing what will become valuable over time. Its one reason to ensure that you buy what you like. ( Source The World Bank – Monique Verduyn) Original Art vs. Prints Art- creates unique atmosphere. Art adds quality and value. Art escalates at a minimum of 10 per annum. Art offers unique dcor – no duplicates. Personal Touch- Our art advisers commit themselves to the latest information and trends in the South African art market when presenting potential buyers with an art piece. Trading Hours Mon – Fri 09h00 – 16h00 Sat 09h00 – 14h00 Morn Kretschmann and Petrus Friend are available to bring more than 30 years of experience to your doorstep as they do presentations and consultations on art and investment art

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373 Cape Road, Cotswold, Port Elizabeth