Business as unusual

Although COVID-19 has changed the travel industry forever, all is not lost. The pandemic presents an opportunity to re-look traditional business models and how to do things differently.

Digitalisation has changed the way we live, work, and travel. For the tourism sector, how quickly and responsibly technology is deployed matters more than ever. Technology solutions have opened up new opportunities for businesses to innovate, redefine themselves – not only to survive but also thrive during the times to come.

As the tourism industry re-opens, people will travel again. For a good while, they will avoid getting on a plane and will postpone business travel. Initially people will opt for local trips and look to escape the more dense urban areas and cities and the most frequented attractions to avoid long queues! People will be rediscovering the small communities around them and exploring the great outdoors far more.

Travellers will be more conscious of their choices. Health enhancing, experiential, restorative, more authentic travel bodes well for destination Eastern Cape!