Hiking this aviary forest is a great escape

In a world where nothing is at it seems anymore, you must not only think out of the box but have a clear understanding of this new world. One thing is clear – cabin fever is a real thing. People are working from home, teaching from home, shopping from home, doing zoom meetings from -yes you guessed it – HOME. You would think that children are immune to this as they have mum/dad home all the time now! But I have it under authority from a pair of 6-year-old twins that they would be happy to move out now and start living on their own!

Taking all this into account and knowing how much happiness our sanctuaries offer people we peeled our eyes and ears for any hint that we might open. Then it happened – hiking trails opened! Birds of Eden, our second oldest sanctuary, has always been our only non-guided tour. Visitors can hike through our aviary forest on their own.

Once we checked with legal, we found that there was no reason why Birds of Eden could not open. Excellent news, not only to our marketing department and managers but to our staff who were very eager to get back to work and back to the animals that they love.

So two weeks before re-opening, we worked frantically to get the Birds of Eden sanctuary spic and span. Floors were freshly varnished, curio stores updated, and staff trained in the new COVID-19 world where “Health and Safety” is a priority.

Hiking at Birds of Eden has been open since 1 July. As per Government regulations, visitors go through a screening station, wear masks and keep their social distancing. We accommodate a max of 50 people at a time. An excellent opportunity for people to get out of the house and have some fun! Booking is not required.