Face your fears head on and go bungee jumping in Eastern Cape

Jump in the face of fear and experience the best of the adventure province by bungee jumping in Eastern Cape


Tackle the world’s highest commercial bridge jump by bungee jumping in Eastern Cape


The adventure province is sought out by local and international thrill seekers alike to experience all the exciting adrenaline-driven activities that the Eastern Cape has to offer. One of the best thrill-seeking activities that will get your adrenaline and heart pumping is certainly bungee jumping in Eastern Cape!

Home to the world’s highest commercial bridge bungee, the Eastern Cape boasts the Bloukrans Bridge Bungy experience! The Bloukrans Bridge is situated along the Garden Route at the Tsitsikamma Forest Village Market, constructed between 1980 and 1983, the bridge is 216m tall and towers over the Bloukrans River, 451m in length from one side to the other.

The thrill of the Bloukrans Bungee experience begins the moment you arrive to sign over your body and soul to take the big adrenalin rushing leap! Thrill seekers are secured into full body harnesses and are led along a specially designed catwalk that is 216 metres long. The catwalk is suspended below the bridges road surface, and jumpers are led towards the top of the bridges arch where the jumping platform is located.

Once thrill seekers have reached the jumping platform of the Bloukrans Bridge Bungy, they are given their final instructions and it’s time to take the giant leap of faith into mid-air, hurtling face first at high speed towards the Bloukrans River water running below! 3, 2, 1… JUMP!

This Eastern Cape bungee jumping experience makes use of the pendulum bungy technology – which guarantees a smooth, secure and comfortable (as possible of course) bungee jumping experience! The term pendulum bungee technology means that the bungee cord is rigged and attached to the back of the bridge, looping underneath to the jumping platform. So instead of jumping straight down and recoiling back up once you reach the end of the rope, the bungee cord pulls you out of a straight free-fall into a smoother pendulum swing motion – this eases the harsh recoil of a straight free-fall.

Holding the Guinness World Record Holder as the Highest Commercial Bungee Jump from a bridge at 216m, the Bloukrans Bungy was established in December 2007, and proudly has 100% safety record.

The minimum age of bungee jumpers is 14 years of age, but Face Adrenalin (the sole company allowed to operate the Bloukrans Bungy experience) offers a catwalk bridge walking tour for thrill seekers as young as 6 years old – catering for vast age groups.

The Bloukrans Bridge Walking Tours allow younger and older, or unable to bungee jump, thrill seekers the opportunity to experience the head spinning height of the 216m Bloukrans Bridge from the safety of the catwalk suspended underneath the bridge.

Bungee jumpers and bridge walkers are able to book their thrill seeking experience online at the Face Adrenalin website where they can choose a suitable day and time for their adrenaline rush. Thrill seekers are requested to arrive 1 hour before their allocated time slot, and need to wear comfortable clothing as well as secure shoes for the walkway to the jumping platform.

Whilst no spectators are allowed to accompany jumpers, friends and family can purchase walkway tour tickets in order to accompany their fellow adrenaline junkie bungy jumper! These can be purchased online at the same time as booking or upon arrival.

Bloukrans Bridge Bungee Jump operates 365 days a year, under all conditions, except for gale force winds and thunderstorms for safety reasons.

What better way to experience the adventure province than with the world’s highest commercial bridge bungee at the Bloukrans Bridge Bungy. Create your own record by leaping in the face of your fears – the ultimate leap of faith!

Adrenaline pumping action awaits! Thrill seekers can view photos, find out more information or book this incredible Eastern Cape bungee jumping experience by visiting the Face Adrenalin website or Facebook Page.

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