Experience the Adventure Province by going camping in Eastern Cape

Feed your adventurous, nature-loving soul by going camping in the Eastern Cape


The Eastern Cape Province has some of the best outdoor adventures to offer in the whole of Africa and attracts thousands of local and international venturesome each year. If you’re every looking for things to do in Eastern Cape, grabbing some camping gear and finding the best spot to pitch your tent should be top of your list because camping in Eastern Cape is one of the best ways to experience the Adventure Province from it’s very core!

With close to 60 campsites currently listed on the Eastern Cape Tourism website, the offerings for various types of campsite-style holidays in Eastern Cape are abundant.

Why should you experience camping in Eastern Cape?

Camping is one of the best ways to get back to nature and the outdoors, living with just the basics and enjoying connecting with your friends and loved ones without the typical distractions of the digital age. Camping in the Eastern Cape offers various different landscapes, from coastal to inland forested areas as well as rugged mountainous spaces, the avid camper has the adventure province at his or her feet.

Eastern Cape Campsite Highlights

Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve, Valley of the Baboons is approximately 120km West of Port Elizabeth. If you’re the venturesome-type searching for rugged mountain terrain then this 200 squared metres of unspoiled terrain is the perfect place for you to enjoy camping in the Eastern Cape.

The Baviaansklood Mega-Reserve is one of the many Eastern Cape Nature Reserves which boasts one of the largest wilderness conservation areas in the country! The vast mountainous terrain is perfect for the adventurous at heart who thrives on hiking, and rock and mountain climbing.

Areena Riverside Resort offers 110 generously-sized caravan or tent campsites for those who want to experience a relaxing type of camping in Eastern Cape. The campsites are well grassed and shady, with some offering cement slabbed flooring for the more meticulous camper, and campers will be spoilt with all-day views of the Kwelera Tidal River as the camp spots are spread along 800 metres of the river frontage.

For the energetic and venturesome campers, the Chokka Trail is comprised of three picturesque fishing villages, sand dunes as far as the eye can see, a tidal river and protected wetlands as well as South Africa’s only privately-owned working harbour. The Chokka Trail is the perfect hiking holiday through St Francis Bay, Port St Francis, Cape St Francis and Oyster Bay. The perfect holiday in Eastern Cape for the wild at heart, experience the area on foot, at your own pace, enjoying various overnight accommodation stops.

Crashing ocean waves and beach front views, the Yellow Sands Caravan Park is the perfect caravan and campsite in Eastern Cape for the fresh air, beach-loving camper. The Resort is located at the mouth of the Kwelera River and boasts both beautiful sea and river views from well-maintained, electrified campsites. The perfect Eastern Cape Holiday awaits your friends and family with a large heated swimming pool, picnic tables and both river and beach access. Surf, snorkel, boat or just soak up the glorious Eastern Cape sun.

The Eastern Cape Province offers some of the multifarious campsites, from beach, to river, mountains and forests. If you are seeking adventure, outdoor ventures, relaxation or safe family fun then you need to grab your tent and come and explore camping in the Eastern Cape.


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