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Located in Port Elizabeth

ALAN TOURS, with experience forged under the fun filled African sun, is proud to promote Port Elizabeth, the Eastern Cape and South Africa, a country and an area which is home to our unique Big 7 Safaris, unsurpassed beauty and the incredible diversity of our nature, wildlife and cultures.
Our tours are conducted by qualified nature and culture guides who emphasis all aspects of our amazing country, providing an informative view into the modern and ancient cultures and the historical context that is the colourful pallet of our country, South Africa today.

  • BIG 5 & BIG 7 Wildlife Safaris
  • City Tours
  • 4 x 4 Safaris
  • Historical and Cultural Tours
  • Marine Trips
  • Country Tours
  • Art & Antique Tours
  • Bird Watching

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5 Albatross Crescent, Seaview, Port Elizabeth