Burgersdorp Museum

Located in Burgersdorp

When R.J. Gordon passed through this area in 1777, he encountered only a few San folk. Numerous rock paintings indicate that the area also had a great variety of game. Since 1820 farmers moved deeper into the North Eastern Cape to escape British rule and the fierce attacks from the Xhosas. At the time, this area was just outside the borders of the Cape Colony. Sir Benjamin DUrban proclaimed the area as part of the Cape Colony in 1835. The district was then known as the Province of Adelaide. By then 350 families were already farming in the area. p In 1846 a petition was drawn up with a request to the Graaff-Reinet Dutch Reformed church council to buy a farm for the founding of a church town. Up until then, the people had to travel to Graaff-Reinet, Cradock and Colesberg to attend church services. The congregation of Burgersdorp was founded on 13 Oct 1846. The farm Klipfontein, was bought from Gert Buitendach for this purpose. Burgers would honour the farmers(burgers) who brought Christianity to this area. On 20 Jan 1847, 75 stands were sold by public auction, at an average price of 50pounds.

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4920 Piet Reties Street, Burgerdorp