Great Fish Point Lighthouse

Located in Port Alfred

A rekindling of the light ceremony, as noted by a bronze mounted plaque, commemorated the shining centennial of the Great Fish Point Lighthouse on the 1st of July 1998. The Managing director of Portnet at the time, Mr. R.W. Childs, dedicated the service of this coastal light guard, originally commissioned by the Cape Colonial Government in 1890, for a further hundred years. Erected only after much delay, its light was first lit on the 1st of July 1898. Placed at the mouth of the Great Fish River in Great Fish Point, 25km from the holiday haven of Port Alfred, this nautical note keeps Indian Ocean faring cargo and carriers travelling off the east coast at a suitable contouring distance. For the safety of shipping on the South African coast, a revolving electric light flashes from this source to mariners once every ten seconds. Built 800 meters from the shoreline and standing 75 metes above sea level, its warning light strength of 5 000 000 Candelas can be detected at a focal plane height of 85 meters above the high water mark as a result of its location elevation. Two black vertical stripes flank the broad centre white stripe of this lighthouse, whose tuxedo like appearance substitutes a red roof light cap and matching railings for a red bow tie and matching cufflinks. According to the Lighthouse Directory navigational beacons need to meet the requirements of standing at least 4 meters tall with a minimum surface area of a 4 square meter footprint in order to be classed as an active lighthouse. The Great Fish Point Lighthouse meets these standards as well as housing an authentic black spiral staircase in the building chamber and demarcating its territory with a white boundary wall proudly hanging black lettering reading Great Fish Point Lighthouse 1898. An active lighthouse of authenticity.

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Great Fish Point Lighthouse, No.1 Kleinemonde Area, Kleinemonde