CEO’s Message

We’ve already completed the first third of 2021 and I am truly encouraged to see how much growth Eastern Cape Tourism has experienced since the beginning of the year. We have seen a significant reduction in the number of daily Covid cases and this bodes well on the Eastern Cape as a destination. As the tourism sector tries to rebuild from the effects of the Covid-19 restrictions, domestic tourism is yet again taking centre stage in the rebuilding of the Eastern Cape economy.

I have witnessed inspiring commitment and strength among our fellow tourism products, and I applaud you all for going above and beyond to ensure the correct safety protocols are being met to reduce the spread of the virus. The Eastern Cape has seen a significant reduction in the number of covid cases and our tarnished reputation has been redeemed through your diligent efforts and safety measures.

The TBCSA developed comprehensive protocols have be widely embraced by products and the sector as a whole. This has ensured continued operations of all types of tourism during the pandemic. I want to urge all tourism products to register their business in order to increase customer confidence around safety and health concerns.

Amid the current socio-economic context and the ever-evolving industry conditions, it’s no secret that businesses will require significant support. The National Government has been paramount in helping turn current obstacles into opportunities for recovery and their financial support has been beneficial in propelling businesses forward during these tough times.

Our airlift partners and stakeholders have new routes planned between Dawid Stuurman International Airport, King Phalo Airport and Bloemfontein using the new airline CemAir – which will be operating from July 2021. This is exciting news in ensuring the ease of access to the Eastern Cape!

The ECPTA will continue to utilise and take advantage of any opportunity that will help re-introduce the province as a world-class tourism destination. Collectively, with your help, the Eastern Cape will soon be buzzing with activity once again.

From rolling hills to picturesque coastlines, it can be said with great certainty that the Eastern Cape is quite capable of defending her name as one of South Africa’s most beautiful tourist destinations. After all, the Eastern Cape is ours to explore.

– Vuyani Dayimani  |  Chief Executive Officer  |  Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism Agency