Bucklands Private Game Reserve consists of five thousand five hundred hectares, and includes the properties known as Bucklands, Lower Bucklands and Schrikwaters Poort. The Bucklands Private Game Reserve is situated adjacent to The Great Fish River Nature Reserve (comprised of the Andries Vosloo Kudu Reserve, the Double Drift Nature Reserve and the Sam Knott Nature Reserve, totalling approximately 45,000 hectares in extent) and the Great Fish River bordering Bucklands Private Game Reserve. The climate is hot in summer and mild in winter, the hilly topography and dense thickets, interspersed with mosaics of grass, bush and abundant wildlife is very diverse with stunning nature scenes from the many vantage points whilst encompassing both Closed and Open Great Fish Thicket, Grassy Bontveld, Karroid Scrub, Disturbed Savanna and Riverine Thicket’s which support the tremendously rich array of plant and animal life, many endemic to the area. Accommodation at Bucklands Private Game Reserve incorporates two private establishments; Bucklands Luxury Tented Camp and Bucklands Lodge; both establishments offer accommodation to a maximum of 8 guests, with a variety of activities and experiences available both within Bucklands Private Game Reserve and in the surrounding area. Bucklands is truly the Game Reserve for all seasons in the Eastern Cape, providing accommodation and activities for all.

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