Buffalo City

Welcoming guests in pursuit of adventure escape and warm eastern cape hospitality, explore Buffalo City. Located on the east coast of the province and home to a thrilling range of adventure activities set amidst some of the most staggering natural landscapes.

Buffalo City is home to East London, Bhisho and King William’s Town. The Port of East London is significant in that it is the only commercial river port in South Africa. Finding its home on the Buffalo River mouth, the East London Harbour is a beautiful place as well as a link between the Eastern Cape Province and the rest of the world.

Get Out And About and Explore!

Shipwreck Exploring

It’s always an adventure exploring shipwrecks from times gone by – on your next visit to Buffalo city make sure you set time aside for an adventure investigating and exploring up to 8 shipwrecks. One of these is the story of the S.S. Orient, which was a Russian vessel sailing from South Australia. On the 29th of July, 1907 it ran aground on what was known as Sandy Beach. It’s remains still lie beneath the waters off the quay – you could be lucky enough to catch a glimpse on calm days at low tide.

For more information visit: https://www.buffalocitytourism.co.za/shipwrecks

Fort Murray

A little history on Fort Murry, is that it was built by Sir Benjamin D’Urban, after the Sixth Xhosa War (1834—1835).

To protect this territory that he had annexed, he started to build a network of forts; along the Buffalo River forming somewhat of a line. Fort Murray is situated about 18km’s south of King William’s Town in a bend of the Buffalo River, near Mount Coke Mission Station.

However, the original fort, built in 1835, was abandoned, and a second Fort Murray, was erected about 8km’s from the original one. This Fort Murray – of which the ruins remain to this day – is an extensive stone structure used as barracks for infantry and cavalry.