Winter adventures at our Ski Resort in Eastern Cape

The best way to enjoy all year round fun in the adventure province is to experience our Ski Resort in Eastern Cape.


Enjoy all year round adventures at South Africa’s only Ski Resort in Eastern Cape – Tiffendel Ski Resort .


Winter in South Africa can be a drag – in the highveld, it’s dry, dusty and cold and the Cape can be wet and windy! Not the best environments for outdoor adventures. Luckily our adventure province is home to the one and only Ski Resort in Eastern Cape!

Tiffendel Ski Resort is one of only two ski resorts in South Africa and the only Ski Resort in Eastern Cape, and is a year-round alpine resort. The ski resort was founded in 1993 and is rated as #19 for CNN’s “Top 100 Ski Runs in the World”, situated in the shadow of the Mount Ben MacDhui Mountains.

The Ben MacDhui Pass has recently become the new record holder for the highest altitude summit in South Africa at a whopping 3001m. The new road along the pass was created to give access to the Tiffendel Ski Resort, as well as a maintenance track for the ski-lift and a jeep track from the highest ski-lift pylon to the summit.

In order to access the Ben MacDhui Pass, visitors are required to sign in at the Tiffendel Ski Resort offices as the pass crosses though some private property.

During the summer, spring and autumn months, Tiffendel Ski Resort is a self-proclaimed ‘best-off-the-beaten-track’ ‘adventure-lands’ in South Africa, with exciting high altitude activities to delight all types of thrill seekers. Activities for the energetic range from hiking, mountain biking, grass skiing, mountain boarding and quad biking. There are also additional activiteis such as photography, rock art, birding and some of South Africa’s best fly fishing!

There is even a famous ‘8 Passes’ route for motorcyclists and 4×4 driving tours. Tiffendel Ski Resort is also world-renowned for its flowers – the unique alpine flowers drawing enthusiasts from across the globe. The Resort is also well known for drawing running and cycling athletes from across South Africa to partake in altitude training. This ski resort in Eastern Cape sits at a air-thinning 2720m above sea level!

During the winter months – June, July and August, Tiffendel Ski Resort transforms into a winter paradise with snowy ski slopes to delight new and returning snow-seeking visitors. If there is no natural snowfall, Tiffendel makes their own snow! Multiple snow machines kick off the winter season as soon as the temperatures are low enough for the snow to last.

The Eastern Cape Ski Resort comprises of ski-lifts, a restaurant, ski shop and even a Ski School offering three months’ worth of skiing and snowboarding lessons during June, July and August each year.

Visitors who are not too keen on taking on the snowy slopes on skis can experience the magic of snow through alternative activities such as making snowmen, snow ball fights or even tobogganing. A toboggan is a sled where one or more people can slip down the snowy Tiffendel Ski Resort slopes as a great alternative to standing up on skis!

This ski resort in Eastern Cape is the perfect all year round getaway for the entire family. There a multiple ski packages, accommodation and entertainment options to suit every kind of visitor. There is even a Day Care Centre for under 5 year olds from 08h00 to 17h00 daily, ensuring that parents and older siblings get to have their ultimate adventure holiday!
Children over the age of 5 years are encouraged so spend time accustoming to skis as well as to enjoy the thrills of the toboggans. Snowball fights and snowmen and snow angel making are a massive hit with kids of all ages, and sometimes adults too. The Ski Classes come highly recommended for children who pick up the skill of skiing very quickly!

Accommodation at Tiffendel Ski Resort

This ski resort in Eastern Cape caters for every type of visitors accommodation needs. The accommodation options range from private suites through to the cosy Tiffendel Mountain Suites.
The Private Chalets have two bedrooms with a shared bathroom and are best suited for 4-5 people, or a family with young children. The Family Chalets have four bedrooms and are suitable for 8-9 people.
The ski resort then has their Leisure Chalets which cater from 6-12 people sleeping per chalet, and are perfect for groups of friends or family members looking to enjoy the group skiing experience. The Tiffendel Mountain Suites are secluded and overlook the remarkable valley. These suites can only sleep two people and have their own tea and coffee stations.

Whether you’re looking for year round high altitude adventures, or you’re looking for the perfect way to spend winter, Tiffendel Ski Resort caters for every person of every age! There is no better way to spend your time adventuring and enjoying the thrills of high altitudes than at this ski resort in Eastern Cape.

For more information or bookings at Tiffendel Ski Resort, visit their website and learn more about their accommodation options and Ski Classes.

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